Catherine Daigle is a Canadian born (Saint John, NB) expat living in Taiwan since 2005, a wife to a wonderful Taiwanese husband, a breastfeeding mom to an incredible baby girl, a traveler, a hobby photographer, a movie buff, a former preschool/kindergarten/elementary ESL teacher, and a soon-to-be entrepreneur.

catherinedaigle.com started in 1999 when I was 19 years old. Since then my life has evolved and changed so much that I have struggled with what this site is about.

When I first arrived in Taiwan this became my space to share all the novelty and oddities I found around me with my friends and family who were back home clueless to my world and life over here. As I put more work into the site I noticed more and more of my audience became people actually living in Taiwan. I started to think and worry too much about who was coming here and why so that I ended up not knowing who to write to. I became overwhelmed and was not able to milk the same enjoyment out of this space until I just stopped writing and the site collected dust and became nothing.

Now I am determined to get “me” back. Becoming a mother it’s easy to lose your identity and put yourself in a role of putting everyone else first. I’m sure there were points in my life where I worried becoming a mother (and/or a wife) would make my life less interesting to other people but in all honesty I think my life is more interesting and comical than it has ever been.

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