Mongolian performance in Ulaanbaatar

My biggest regret of my trans-siberian trip was this performance. Our friend in Mongolia took us to see this traditional performance hours before our train to Russia was set to depart. She said normally camera fees are 5$ and video camera fees are 10$ but when we got there the video fee was 30$

It just seemed like it might not be worth it since it was only set to be a 40 minute performance so I only paid the camera fee. Thankfully my digital still can do video clips but I spent most of my time taking good shots since my still camera’s memory was limited. The only videos I have are these.

I’ll be back to Ulaanbaatar and I’ll pay my 30$ next time to get the full show.

For some photos of the performance (not well labeled or tagged ones at the moment) check out my gallery for this day on flickr:

trans-siberian days 7 – 8 Ulaanbaatar and an amazing performance

hotel view of Ulaanbaatar mountain view from hotel another hotel view beautiful building Amanda lookin cute at breakky double rich mmm gorean food gorean food is my fav Noel likes chicken! another beautiful building sidewalk death trap Han apparently opened a burger chain without telling me gigantic horsehead fiddle decor in the theatre gandolf?? backup musicians the gandolf dance yikes! dude, don't turn around run! fast hand action flaming sword incredible singers probably the best singer of the bunch I love this instrument One of the throat singers, amazing the only sharp picture I got of any of the dancers Mongolian contortionists this was a little "walk" they did with their feet. Pretty funny and cute. beautiful singer... he looked so self-conscious and vunerable but he was amazing closing act with all performers Genghis on the mountain bye bye to Amar

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    Oh wow, that's looks terrific! 😀


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