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Question from a 5 year old

Since I’ve come back from Japan I’ve dove back into work and straight into our school’s summer camp program. It’s a lot of extra work since we aren’t provided with any materials but we are given complete “creative control”. Basically pick a weekly theme and go from there.

Last week I chose to do the 5 food groups with my kindy class. Their food vocabulary is really good so I started to teach them the difference between fruit, vegetables, dairy, grain and meat. Mid-week I started the morning by showing them coloring pages I’d taken off the net and getting them to shout out which food group it is from. The kids have become naturally chatty which is awesome for an ESL class. So as I flashed the picture above one of my 5 year old students, who I’ve taught since he started learning English a couple years ago, tilted his head and with complete seriousness and curiosity asks “Teacher, that one is very stinky or very hot?” The absolute seriousness in his voice and “thirst for knowledge” on his face is what really killed me.

I nearly fell off my chair laughing followed by him and the other students. He didn’t mean it as a joke but was pretty proud of himself after when I told the other teachers what he asked.

The image is from first-school, a really great resource for any kindy teachers out there.

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  1. Anonymous

    I think it’s a very valid question, the photo does suggest it could be either 😉


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