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Japanese Male Hosts – Review of "The Great Happiness Space – Tale of an Osaka Love Thief"

Last year I watched an amazing and odd documentary on moviesfoundonline about the world of Japanese Male Hosts named The Great Happiness Space – Tale of an Osaka Love Thief. The movie was eventually taken down because it isn’t free domain so it’s no longer available to watch free online. It’s available here on netflix and unfortunately only on amazon at a ridiculous price. Unfortunately it seems impossible to find even a trailer online now but there are quite a few great reviews.

The Japanese male hosts stand outside in the early evening trying to lure females into their clubs. Girls can also go to these clubs and flip through books of pictures of the male hosts and pick the one they like the best. Different hosts have different “prices” but their price is the price you must spend on a bottle of champaign in order to buy some of their time and attention.

Surprisingly the male host world, at least from the Osaka club covered in the documentary, has little to do with sex. The men mostly woo the women and make them feel special and even though they may be sharing a table with 5 or 6 other women competing for the hosts attention by buying more and more expensive champaign the hosts still manage to make each woman believe that she has the special relationship with him and that if she just keeps coming back and spending more and more money that maybe she will actually have a chance someday to really be his real girlfriend.

Of course it’s all a lie and the moment a woman stops spending money the attention she had is taken away from her and poured on some other woman. Behind the scenes the hosts shuddered and talked about how gross our crazy they found the women minutes after they had been lifting up the women to believe they are so special and valuable. The guys talk about how if they break the having sex barrier then it will quickly be over. The women have gotten the trophy so their interest will dissolve.

The saddest part of the whole documentary is when you started to find out that most of the women who are patrons at the clubs are actually female prostitutes who work at “massage parlors”. They crave love and attention so badly that they have to buy it because their profession is so shameful they can’t have a real relationship. It’s a vicious cycle, they make their money by doing degrading work but then spend all their money on fake acceptance that becomes addictive so they have to continue doing what they do to pay the high host fees instead of spending the large amount of money they make on improving their life in a different way…. either by spending the money on themselves or by bettering themselves to be able to escape their field of work. The women really seemed like sad empty souls with vampires feeding on what little light was left inside them.

Still the hosts interviewed in the documentary were strangely charismatic and parts showed their own depression over what they were doing.

Han and I walked down one street which seemed to have these kind of male hosts and there were posters everywhere. The guys seemed to have an otherworldliness about them that is hard to explain.

I definitely recommend seeing the documentary if you can get your hands on it.

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