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a little drive to Heping Dao 和平島

fisher infront of peace island fisherman fisherman and waves path and rest area mushroom rocks interesting rocks another view of rock mushrooms well protected fisher peace island heping dao my guy looking out at peace island my guy and peace island crazy wind hair fishing, if it can be called that trying to catch fish with bare hands maybe if I throw a rock at them another bare-handed fishing attempt scouting for crabs seaweed landscape view of a rest area rocks and water keelung harbour in the distance peace island-2 very interesting climbing technology close up of climbing gear more rocks and water catching crabs my handsome boy tofu rocks my guy looking like a catalogue model

A little road trip to Heping Dao 和平島. Ocean, bare-handed fishing, crabs, “sea cockroaches”, bumper boats, beautiful views, cliffs, mushroom-shaped rocks, cute kids, good day.

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