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logic defying sighting

I exited 7/11 one morning this week and started on my way to work. As I was walking I noticed a blind woman walking in front of me. From what I could tell she was completely blind. She was walking slowly but efficiently with a cane like the one pictured above. Something was puzzling me and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Then the fog lifted and I noticed she was wearing high heels.

First of all high heels aren’t easy to walk in. I can imagine being blind, and especially in Taiwan, where the roads are bad, people are pushy, and people are stupid enough to drive their scooters at high speed on the sidewalks that you would want to at all times ensure your physical safety and prevent yourself from falling however possible. Secondly, no matter what anyone says heels are NOT comfortable and there is absolutely no reason to wear them except for aesthetics.

I’m not trying to be politically incorrect here, I have a deaf sister and I’m sensitive about these things but I still found it baffling.

I told one of my co-workers the story and he chuckled with an “only in Taiwan” response and shared with me how when he was in the Philippines over the (lunar) New Year holidays he saw a Chinese girl walking down the beach with an umbrella and wearing stilettos on the sandy sandy beach.

My only guess is she wasn’t completely blind but the way she was using the cane makes me she think she was, or it’s just a simple desire of normalcy in someway?

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