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Boo is a girl?!?! And deal with it Amanda, Wario is MINE.

I’ve hid it long enough on this website. I’m a geek. A total geek. If graduating from Computer Programming and working in IT aren’t proof enough, I’m a 27 year old girl who still spends way too much time playing video games, watching cartoons, and buying toys. It’s ok I’m at peace with it.

In Taiwan it’s heaven. There are lots of girls like me. It’s perfectly acceptable for girls my age to buy toys or cute things. I’m really glad I don’t live in Japan and only have to deal with the trickle of what is available from Japan around here.

One of my shameful addictions is the 30 – 50NT (95 cents – 1.60 Canadian dollars ) capsule machines. Like any kid I used to love the awful 25 cent ones we had growing up even though the toy would practically dissolve in your hand when you took it out because it was so cheap.

boo is Teresa??

One of my latest splurges was on some squishy foam Nintendo characters. i heart nintendo. Thankfully on my third attempt I got the one I was looking for. Boo. I love boo. Boo first appeared in Super Mario 3 and it was a love hate relationship from the start. As cute as the boo was boo was also TERRIFYING. That menacing smile, that eerie zig zag sneaking up on you, that “if I cover my eyes you can’t see me” attitude…. and how many times did I get cornered underneath a staircase by boo. Arrrgghh. I tried to capture of screenshot of the exact moment I’m talking about but found it incredibly hard to play a game with no right arrow key since my right arrow key on my mac stopped working ever since my former roommate’s kitten decided to pee and run at the same time while flying by my PowerBook :'(

Anyway my new squishy Boo has been put on my purse strap and as I was leaving school one of the students who is half Japanese half Taiwanese noticed it and started playing with it saying she knew what it was from. I asked if she knew Boo’s English name and she laughed when I told her and explained to her why the ghost is named Boo. Then she told me in Japan Boo is called テレサ which in English translates to Teresa?!?!? Teresa??!?!?!?! How feminine and not at all terrifying. One of the most subtly terrifying Mario characters (look at those teeth), the BEST Mario Tennis player…. Teresa. Yea!

In my search I also found you can buy my boo on amazon. I really need to setup my taiwan ebay store. They’re selling boo for over 8$ US and I bought him for about 1.50$ US.

My main squeeze

Before I came to Taiwan I spent many weekends on Joe’s couch. Those were the golden days. Playing hours and hours and hours of Mario Kart 64 with people I loved, and people who could tolerate me. Amanda and I would always duke it out for Wario, because he’s the best, and because he has the best catch phrases. Well Amanda honey, he’s mine now. I got him on my first try. ooo it burns doesn’t it. You’ll never have him. Unless you want to fly to Taiwan to visit me and take him by force???

mmmm Nintendo.

Wario's hot ride

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