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Singapore: final post, boat quays.

I suck. One of the photo opportunities in Singapore I was most excited about were the skyscrapers in the Boat Quay. I headed down there my first full day in Singapore for some food and to scope the place out. I expected to go back so I didn’t bother taking my tripod. I also didn’t bother taking my time when I took my pictures. I pretty much just shot them on automatic and they seemed fine in the viewfinder of my camera. But it’s a new camera. And they’re not. Well I guess by “vacation picture” standards they’re fine if not a bit blurry but I really wanted to get spectacular shots. Lesson learned.

Oh well. I don’t know why I didn’t go back to the Boat Quay. I should’ve returned every evening just to bum around even if I didn’t feel like eating overpriced food, I could’ve always ate before I headed there.

Restaurant on the quay

The bumboat ride around the quays was fantastic and really relaxing. Definitely worth the price.

I’m sure I’ll be back to Singapore at least for a day someday so I can take more time next time.

That is the end of my Singapore posts for my 3 days in Singapore. Up next… my 8 days in Cambodia.

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  1. Asia Travel

    The pictures of Singapore are amazing!

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