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Singapore: Restaurants that amused me

Taiwan in Singapore

I can’t really speak to the depth and variety of Singaporean restaurants because the entire time I was in Singapore I ate nothing but Indian food. It was one of my missions. A lot of people asked me “Why Singapore? Why would you go there?”. Well mostly like I mentioned before it was because I was already flying through and I might as well stop and see it, but in truth a big selling point for me was the abundance of Indian food.

Taiwan has Indian food but I’ve found that it’s either mediocre or overpriced. It’s not overpriced compared to prices you’d pay back in the western world but I’ve become cheap when eating in Taiwan. It’s possible to eat for next to nothing in Taiwan. I can get a big meal for under 4$ if I eat locally so it seems outrageous to shell out 15 – 20$ just for food.

Chindian food? Cute 🙂

So excluding one Arabic meal I had I ate nothing but Indian.

Here’s a question for you, when to use Arabic vs Arabian? I’ve always referred to the music, language, and food as “Arabic” but while I was walking along the boat quay where people stand outside trying to lure you into their restaurants I had a man say “Ma’am Arabian food? Would you like to come inside?”. It kind of took me aback. Arabian? I ran it by my sister and her belief is that “Arabian” is an outdated term and may be politically incorrect like “Oriental”. Does anyone know or have any thoughts?

Dairy Queen????

My biggest surprise when strolling in Singapore was to find a Dairy Queen. DAIRY QUEEN????? I stopped and stared at it for like 10 minutes. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I mean we have western food chains in Taiwan… subway, mc donalds, burger king, KFC…….. but Dairy Queen?????? Then I noticed what was beside it. An Orange Julius? This one really was the shock. Because I didn’t even realize Orange Julius was a chain at all. I thought it was just this little juice store in the back of our old mall that was next to some other stinky store in good ol’ Saint John, New Brunswick but I had no idea it was actually a chain, or an international one at that. Wow.

I can’t even remember why I didn’t go to Dairy Queen. I think I was either overwhelmed or excited at other possibilities, maybe there’d be a Wendy’s somewhere! But I didn’t find anything as fabulous as this the rest of my trip. 🙁 Why didn’t I buy a chocolate dip ice cream? Why???

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