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Happy (chinese) New Year adventures!

Happy Pig Year everyone!

For those in my western audience who don’t know February 18th marked the first day of Chinese New Year. Every Chinese New Year I’m fortunate enough to get two weeks off of work and time to travel. This year I chose Singapore and Cambodia.

My original plan was to do Cambodia and Laos but I waited too long to buy my plane tickets and the prices tripled. I remembered Rafael telling me about discount airlines in Singapore that fly to many Asian countries for remarkable (or pretty much unbelievable) prices. I checked it out and decided since I was flying through I might as well stay in Singapore for a few days. So I dropped Laos off the agenda and decided on 3 days in Singapore and 8 in Cambodia.

I have to say the entire experience was enriching even if incredibly challenging and frightening at moments. This was my first time traveling alone and I had no idea what I was getting myself into as a single female traveler traveling alone in a place like Cambodia. From conversations I’ve had with people in Taiwan I knew it was not nearly as bad as the negative image it has in North America but I knew I was still in for a potentially rough experience but my imagination and wavering faith in humanity gave me all kinds of doubts and anxieties.

Thankfully I walked away mostly unscratched with some good memories and a better idea of where I’m at in my life and why. A couple of robbery attempts and horrific horrific diarrhea but I’ll get to all that in my next posts 😉

I made the mistake of buying a 2GB memory card for my camera before I left and managed to take 960 photos & video clips so still trying to digest it all and try to figure out how and what to present. Expect some steady updates over the next few days.

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