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Yehliu minus the queen’s head

On my five day moon festival weekend in October one of our scooter adventures was to Yehliu. I definitely don’t recommend doing this by scooter. Maybe it’s just my lack of experience or maybe your butt toughens up if you drive a scooter every day… but after all day on a scooter I could barely walk. I was kind of walking like one of those cartoon cowboys whose legs make a perfect U if you were to turn them upside down.

The scenery was worth it but we definitely should have headed out earlier. We explored an area further than the area with the famous “queen’s head” which draws most people and I’m glad we did. The area had less people and the ocean view was fabulous. The area was past the big aquarium up a clogged road.

We went back and explored the main area but at this point my camera battery was dying, I was out of film, and I was tired and grumpy. Even feeling all of this we still decided to climb the “mountain” where the land meets the ocean. It looked like a little trail but it was torturous. Especially in 100NT shoes. Stupid stupid stupid. I think I may have actually managed to snap pictures of this part of the trip because I have a “mystery finished film” in my backpack and I have no idea what is on it.

After we finished the trail which didn’t loop like we thought but was a complete dead end at the top we came back to search for the queen’s head. I was really disappointed. In all the photos you see online it looks so freakin’ huge! It was about the same height as me (158cm) and it wasn’t *THAT* cool looking. It seems so random to me. I think that you could look at any of the rocks, find something they look like and print out a billion brochures and it’d be just as popular. I thought the candles were way more cool.

Anyway when I get that other film developed I’ll add some of the photos here and these photos will be added at a higher res to my photography section shortly.

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