a path of mercy

On my 5 day weekend in October Han and I rented a scooter. Our feet pretty much only hit the ground to sleep and eat BBQ. One of our scooter adventures was in the mountains of Muzha. Randomly picking roads to go down.

We found a road that went to Pingling and decided to follow it for awhile. Not very far in we came to a section that was lined with golden statues of Guanyin about 6 feet tall. Guanyin is the buddhist goddess of mercy and is one of the big gods in Guandu Temple. I was captivated by this road and even though the lighting wasn’t the best and I almost got run over about 10 times I snapped some pics.

Anyway even though the conditions weren’t the best I really like these photos, 10 included in this gallery, and I’m going to go back at some point to a second run at the pictures. For now enjoy.

guanyin face guanyin closeup guanyin full guanyin falling guanyin guardians guanyins row of guanyins guanyin pose shaded guanyin

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