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I hacked my hair off

Ok so this is incredibly old news for anyone who keeps in touch with me but my hair is gone. I pretty much hadn’t cut my hair, except for trims, in 10 years (I’m getting old) but during emotional lows in the summer I kept getting the temptation to hack it all off on a whim.

So one night with Meg…before she left, after sushi I think, the urge hit me again. Except it was late at night… and I was sure no place would be open…. but we got home and Meg agreed to go back out with me and check. We tried a couple places but most of them were closing up. We found one that had a great book outside showcasing hairstyles so we decided to try it out. Ironically it’s one that Han suggested that I turned my nose up at because the recommendation came from his uncle. No offense to any uncles reading this (including my own) but who is going to take hair advice from an uncle?

The place was pretty much empty when we got in there which lead to another anxiety, do people really give good haircuts at the end of their shifts? I was treated like a princess regardless. The place had individual flat screen tvs at each of the hair cutting chairs and I got the longest shampoo of my life…I think 3 shampoo applications that were followed by a 5 minute scalp massage each. My next anxiety came when I assessed my hairdresser. I was kind of hoping to get one that had some funk to them… typically Taiwanese hairdressers are pretty funky… but she was just a little to GAP or NET for my taste…even if she was the sweetest thing ever! … but the more I looked at her I realized she had a perfectly balanced look that suited her personality, so if she’s able to create that for herself then maybe I would be ok.

The next snag was the complete language barrier. I was trying to use body language and hand motions to give her free reign over my hair and to let her know I was bored with it. She seemed to get the hint and then a lovely stranger… a handsome middle-aged Taiwanese man sitting beside me… translated and filled in the blanks.

So of course the first thing I did when I got home was snap a bunch of photos. Of course I can never get it this perfect on my own but I don’t own a hairdryer which is one big problem but even on my hair’s worse day it still is looking pretty great I think. It’s kind of got the Taiwanese style mullet factor with the long pieces in the back and much shorter layers in the front, with the fro of curls (since my hair isn’t so heavy anymore my natural curls have been unleashed).

Also, a before and after shot from Thailand in Feb and when I got my hair cut in August. Amazingly I didn’t cry and haven’t cried… and I haven’t mourned my hair at all like the last time I hacked it off (grade 10??). My hair had become such a part of my identity I didn’t know how devastating it was going to be to loose it. I have no heart break when I look at pictures of how long my hair was. Plus my hair grows incredibly fast so I have that security.

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