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The walking gods video (repost with story)

I posted the video awhile back but forgot that I’d typed up the story related to it. So here it is again:

Kelly (from Tainan) came up for a visit to Taipei the second to last weekend in April. Wu fen pu was on the list of places to go. Wu fen pu is 100s or 1000s of outdoor and partly indoor clothing stores. Really cheap, really fun stuff. One-of-a-kind stuff.

After a long day of gallivanting about we decided to stop for a beer on the patio of a Hilife convenience store before tackling the monster that is wu fen pu.

While we were sitting there we heard an explosion of fire crackers around the corner. We peaked around to see what all the chaos was and saw a big procession marching by. More fireworks were put down on the road directly in front of us. Me, taking after the crazy man who was my father, leaned over the railing as far as I could to get some video of the firecrackers, drummers and the gods.

Meanwhile, Han being the doting Taiwanese boyfriend that he is was trying to cover my ears while leaning back as far as possible away from the smoke and exploding firecrackers and shielding his own ears with his shoulders.

I asked Han why all this? He said it must be someone’s birthday. Me, being the ditz (sanba) that I am said “They do this for peoples’ birthdays?????” no sooner had it come out of my mouth than I realized “Oh, you mean for a god’s birthday”.

He just smiled and said “yea”.

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