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From the mouths of babes…. fire safety

I primarly teach pre-school kids now with no previous English exposure but one class per day I teach our K2 class (4 year olds). One of the classes I have to teach is “Manners/Safety”. So this week I decided to talk about fire safety.

I have one little guy in the class who everyone loves but who is extremely slow. He definitely has some learning disabilities but he’s still really happy in class. He’s learning how to write and when he writes his name he actually writes it completely mirrored. Like backwards, with all the letters backwards. Questions he’s asked every day like “What’s the weather like today?” will take him a few minutes to answer “uhhhh ummmm uhhhhh”. He’s just who he is, and we love him.

On Wednesday I was introducing the fire safety topic and quizzing the kids to find out what they knew about fire safety. So I threw the question out to the group: “What should we do if there’s a fire at school?”. Not even 10 seconds later my slow little guy shouted out “Stay at home!”

I literally fell off my chair laughing. I had to give him a high five so he knew he said something that was “good” funny… although I’m still not sure he got why it was funny 🙂

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