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Boredom breeds……this:

Way back when the typhoons were coming, and Meg and I were wishfully wishing that they would hit us so we could have a day off we got creative.

All of the typhoon days I’ve experienced so far have kind of been exhilarating for someone who has only had to deal with big snow and icestorms. Typhoons, and earthquakes are new.

For those not in Taiwan, typically when a typhoon is coming we know a few days – a week ahead of time. The night before a typhoon day the radio will usually announce whether or not the government is going to shut down the whole city or not. This is usually enough time to stock up on essentials. Like armloads of movies and junkfood…. and I guess maybe some water if you have a free arm.

All of my typhoon days have been spent watching movie after movie and playing card games with Meg. We decided we needed something new and I’d been dying to try and find scrabble but I haven’t had any luck finding the classic version.

So we made our own from junk Meg has collected. Plastic album covers, old tile, and permanent markers.

Yes. We are dorks.

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