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Bopha, Maria, and Saomai, oh my!

I remember as a kid going to bed the night before a big snow storm and just waiting for my mom to come into my room in the morning to tell me what the radio said. If there was no school I would do a dance on my bed and then go back to sleep for a few hours.

If there was school my heart was broken and I was sure it was all my teachers’ fault somehow. I never dreamt that they were probably waiting as anxiously to find out whether or not they would have the day off.

Now I’m a teacher but still that little girl…. I have been checking the net obsessively trying to find out whether or not I’ll get a day off school. This year has been pretty tame for Taiwan as far as typhoons. Last year I remember having 3 or 4 days off school.

Now we have a triple threat coming. The odds are good! My co-teachers have been saying we may get a few days off school. Do you think I can teach art this afternoon with my fingers crossed?

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