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I have a Guandu problem

You’d think with hundreds of thousands of temples covering Taiwan that I’d never see the same one twice. It should be a mission to see as many as possible… but I keep getting pulled back to Guandu temple. I love this place. A couple of Sundays ago (07/30) Han and I went to Guandu. He’d never seen it before. Unfortunately, as usual, even this temple didn’t seem to impress him.

We hit the bike trail for a hike afterwards now I am convinced I need a bike. The trail is great and well organized with an actual sidewalk for pedestrians so you don’t have to worry about getting mowed down by bikes. The trail itself is elevated and is beside a small road that has access to birdwatching stations. We stopped at one place and laid in the grass. Even though it was spiky and filled with bugs it was such a nice luxury to lay in grass.

The sidewalk isn’t as long as the bike trail so we never got to see where the bike trail ends up but it’s a decent hike.

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