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Do youtube?

Well I like to jump on bandwagons now and then. At my current host I have the ability to stream video but I haven’t had much success getting it to work yet so I’ve started uploading a few of the videos I have onto youtube.

It’s great because it gives everyone access to my videos plus it uses their bandwidth instead of mine!

Also, it’s inspiring me… I have some ideas…. hopefully I can get off my butt and work on them.

Of course the videos look a lot better on my computer since they’re not compressed but I think you still can get the idea.

Let me know what you think. Check out the videos [here]

It’s really interesting. Originally my intent with this website was to stay in touch and to amuse my family and friends back home and also to offer a window for people who were thinking about coming to Taiwan into Taiwan. Lately though my audience has been growing more and more and I seem to have more and more visitors from Taiwan. This is in part thanks to me being featured on Bloggers in Taiwan (thanks Andres!), to the new Taiwanfeed site, and thanks to google search + google image search. It makes me think I’m going to have to work a little harder to make my site appealing to my whole audience, and not just the one I’ve been thinking of so that I can keep everyone coming back.

step one: less laziness.
step two: more road trips and random bus hopping with lots of video.
step three: re-opening my eyes to the wonders around me.
step four: write, write, write, publish, publish, publish.

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