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Taiwan Love Motels

I’d promised Meg a few months ago that if she would buy a ticket to go to Hong Kong that I would pay for our stay there as a birthday gift from me. When Meg found out she’d be going to New York for the summer for her Master’s program Hong Kong got cut to save money.

I promised Meg that before she left we’d go somewhere in Taiwan and stay in a motel just to have a silly relaxing weekend somewhere we could take baths! We currently don’t have a bathtub, only a shower. I think I might actually miss baths more than Reese Peanutbutter cups….maybe?

Meg and I had been talking loosely about going somewhere this weekend. When I got home late from the speech contest Friday night Meg was really upset about some stuff she had going on. We both have quite a bit going on lately. So I decided that tonight was the night. We were going to go to a motel. Somewhere nice where we could kick our feet up, drink, watch movies, and take baths.

Main room panoramic


A friend from work told me about an amazing place he stayed at in Tainan that had a jacuzzi with a tv screen right in front of it. I had conveniently talked to him more about it on Friday and found out that the place he stayed at was one of the famous “love motels”.

Love motels are all over Taiwan. Most Taiwanese people live at home until they marry unless they go away for school or to work. It’s part of the culture. As you can imagine this is a bit inconvenient when it comes to having a romantic relationship. That’s where love motels come in. They’re usually extravagant and you can rent them by the hour or for the whole night.

Viewing chair of the pool, kind of James Bond villain-esq

My friend told me that a lot of rooms even have their own private swimming pools and when we finally get one we should make sure it’s a place with its own swimming pool. He said it should run from 3000 – 4000 NT (100 – 130$ CND).

We pretty much decided on Taichung since it’s named “motel city”, and because it’s not Taipei, and we wanted to take a train somewhere. I did a bit of hunting online and found a great review for a place called “Enjoy Motel”.


We quickly packed up and hopped the first train to Taichung. When we arrived we were lucky enough to find the sweetest college-aged guy who helped us explain to the taxi driver where to go. He called the motel with his own cellphone, got the directions, and relayed them to our taxi driver.

From my two experiences so far Taichung seems to be filled with young friendly people and I have to make it a point to spend more time there.

Our driver dropped us right off beside the motel and we strolled up to the office to get a room for the night. The two young guys had smirks on, obviously amused that two foreign females were checking in together 🙂 and that we were “walking up” not driving up.

They gave us a good rate for Friday night since we were arriving at 3am in the morning.

To get into our room we had to walk through our full size garage and down some twirly stairs. I swear that when we walked into the room the heavens opened and that the whole place lit up with angelic light and I heard a chorus of “ahhhhhhhhhhhhh”.

We were instantly mesmerized with the big huge fluffy bed, the gigantic couch with a back that was about 4 feet high (reminded me of something that should be in Alice in Wonderland), the gigantic TV….I’m not a guy so I couldn’t tell from first glance how many inches it was but I’m pretty sure if we had turned it sideways I could’ve slept on it.

Our freakin’ pool! OUR POOL! Not their pool, ours!

It didn’t take us long before we both thought “POOL!!! POOL?!?!”. We could see from the windows in our room looking into the adjoining room that botany and water did exist! We ran in to find a jacuzzi, facing another tv (normal size), our bathroom, and our own (our very very very own) pool!!!!! yaaaaa. The pool water wasn’t heated and only came up to about my chest but it was perfect!

Armed with our vodka, orange juice, cigars, and snacks we were ready to squeeze every single drop of enjoyment that this room had to offer out of it. Well almost…. this was a love motel and love motels are…. errr … equipped with certain gadgetry and furniture for some extra curricular activities. I had completely missed the vending machine hiding in our garage but Meg told me to check it out next time I went up.

I really love how it’s decorated with the English Patient film stills.

The other curiosity in our room was what I thought at first was just a suitcase stand. It didn’t click in that it’s a little low. This piece of art is called “wings of angel” and not only did our room include it for free it also included a tv station that was dedicated solely to demonstrating the different ways that it could be used. Also for inspiration 5 or so free channels of porno were included. aww they thought of everything.

Well the good news is that our tv also had 5 movie channels (normal ones) and after not watching tv in like 6 months it was a great treat.

We spent about 90% of our time in our pool room jumping from the jacuzzi to the pool and back and forth a hundred times. We sighed from contentment so many times I still feel lightheaded.

ok maybe we had a cigar and some screwdrivers too

Anyway we have decided that this will become our quarterly tradition… not necessarily this particular love motel, there are so many more to discover! But this kind of deluxe self-pampering needs to happen a little bit more than once a year.

If anyone wants to check out Enjoy it’s located here:

(04) 2259-7799
192, ShiJen 7th Rd.
Hours:Open 24 hours.

We didn’t really leave the motel except literally when we cabbed in friday night and cabbed out sunday…. except for one run to the convenience store but it looked like there were a lot of other love motels, KTV places, casinos, shopping malls and a big Warner Village complex (movie theaters).

ps- May 27th marked the year anniversary from the first time I arrived in Taiwan!!! How do you like them apples!

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