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100th post – honouring the honourable!

It’s time once again to tell you a story to prove how much my roommate Meg rocks.

Lately I’ve been depressed and have been sleeping way too much. One Sunday morning Meg went out venturing without me while I snoozed the day away.

She came back wide-eyed and excited while I was trying to drag myself out from underneath my mosquito net in the late afternoon and told me “do I have a story for you!”

As you may or may not have known Meg is a painter. She graduated from NASCAD with a degree in Fine Arts and this summer she will be starting her Master’s program with an American University.

So Meg wrapped up one of her paintings that was in our room and went off to this really cool cafe she’d been to a year ago hoping that she could get them to put it up. When she got there the whole cafe had been remodeled and completely had lost all the appeal that had made her want to put her painting up….She remembered a really cool restaurant across the way and decided since she’d lugged the painting all this way she may as well see if she could get them to put it up. The restaurant unfortunately had been demolished.

Unfortunately this is the best photo I have of the painting 🙁

Meg gave up and decided to shop around a bit. She went into a store she remembered being really cool that sells all kinds of weird vintage stuff. This store is one-of-a-kind since Taiwan doesn’t really seem to believe in “second-hand”. Everything is just thrown out. There are next to no second-hand stores. Everyone wants new. Anyway, this place has a mix of old and new and Meg found some really old chocolate bar stickers for me because they had reese peanut butter cups on them. She figured since my mission to find reese peanut butter cups in Taipei has come to a dead end (haven’t found them at Jason’s yet!) that it might be the next best thing.

While she was in the store she had them hold the painting behind the counter. When it came time to pay they handed the painting back to her (which was in a garbage bag). Meg decided she didn’t want to lug the painting back home and decided to see if they’d put it up. She motioned to ask them if they wanted it. They opened up the garbage bag, looked inside and offered her a calculator (for her to enter in how much she’d like for it). Meg said she’s still pretty uncomfortable in this kind of situation so she just made a motion for “one minute”. She disappeared downstairs and came back up with a shirt. The workers made a phone call and then when they hung up they nodded that it was ok.

So this shirt…… wasn’t even for Meg! She got the shirt for me!!!! She knows how much I love the ridiculous non-sensicle shirts here and she gave up her painting for me!! How awesome is she?

So here it is:

You’ve come a long way baby

Isn’t it true….. isn’t it true!

I just can’t believe someone gave up a rockin’ painting they created to get a shirt for me.

ps – I must add an extra shout out to someone who rocks my world. Meg had a whole bunch of roommates before I came here. One of them is named Janelle. Well Janelle recently mailed Meg a care-package, and by some crazy chance included a couple packages of REESE PEANUT BUTTER CUPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Meg being the awesome rocking queen that she is gave me a full package! (a 4 cup package at that!). I nearly cried. I think I actually drooled a little. You don’t know me Janelle, but I love you, thank you.

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