photography: abandoned

Meg and I climbed a mountain named “Hemei mountain” in Xindian last weekend. At the bottom was a Buddhist temple where monks were chanting. We sat and listened for awhile and then roamed up a path. The next interesting thing we hit was a strange cement block abandoned building with trashed amusement park rides littering the front. We took some pictures and made a note to come back and explore more later.

As we wandered a bit further up the path we found a cement tunnel that went through a hill. At the end was an opening with a good view of the scenery below. By the mouth of the opening was a flat stone that had two moldy rotting Buddhist manuscripts I imagine that one of the monks uses this place to worship.

On our way back down we decided to try and find a way into the back of this cement block building I think it was somehow the base of the amusement park because on top there were strange circles with metal poles coming out of them that seemed like they could’ve been the base of the rides. We climbed up a muddy slope and found our way into the bathrooms and a strange huge open room. Both were filled with smashed squatter toilets, mirrors, misch clothing, and strange medicine bottles.

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