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so I fell face first into a fountain tonight…

Ever have one of those moments like fate slapping you in the face saying “you made a bad decision somewhere today”? Well I had one of those in the form of a moment suitable for any light hearted comedy about girls who find awkward moments as easily as books in a bookstore.

I like being lazy on Friday nights. Pool is something I’m not very good at but doesn’t take a lot of effort or thought…. at least the way I play it. So Meg, Han and I went to this great 24 hour place close to Shilin night market.

At the end of the night Meg and I were rushing to the MRT station because we were afraid we missed the last train home. We somehow ended up at the back of the Jiantian MRT station. We started hurrying around to the front…. it was raining very very hard. We saw what appeared to be a large puddle, and not being girly girls, decided to tear through it in order to make the train.

Meg was ahead of me. We ran up the steps towards the puddle and I saw her legs disappear (she’s very tall)…. at that moment I let out a loud screech and tried to slam my breaks on. But it’s too late. One foot already plunging into the fountain, my arms flailing wildly trying to use my umbrella to somehow save myself as if it’s going to break the wind like a parachute. I end up falling face first in the fountain. Submerging my whole body and half of my head…. I even had nasty fountain water go down my nose and partway down my throat. Somehow my arms didn’t even end up in front of me. They were straight out like I was running to embrace the water. There is a possibility that some of it was swallowed but I’m going to pretend that didn’t happen.

Gasping and still partly screaming I stand up and Meg has turned around with this “what the #$!@ is your problem??!!!!” kind of look on her face. Then at that moment she seemed to realize all of what happened and started laughing hysterically.

The next thing out of my mouth “What do we do?!!????”

My purse, of course not zipped because that would be practical, was like a water canteen filled for a small army. I turned it upside down and a big SPLOOSH of water came out. I expected to see some koi fish and seaweed swim out. The verdict still isn’t out on my ipod and new cell phone. I’m scared. Meg snapped some pictures with her cell. If we can figure out how to transfer them I’ll add them here.

We decided to ride the MRT home even though we looked like we spent the evening in a lagoon swimming with a swamp monster. Thankfully I had a hoodie on and hid all of my face a la Kenny from South Park. It’s not like you ever see the same person twice in Taipei, but I wasn’t going to risk it. I left a nice slug trail of water behind me wherever we went.

In retrospect I feel like a bigger idiot because as we were running up the steps that lead us into the fountain (of doom) I thought to myself “oh wow, look…fountain spouts”. But it is really level with the ground, truly.

Meg is very happy about the whole experience. I’m waiting for the bacterial infection to set in from outdoor fountain water.

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