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should’ve been 60 candles

I’ve survived what should’ve been my father’s 60th birthday without any emotional melt downs. I really wanted to try to take the day off work but my kids had their mid-terms.

It’s a good thing. I was fantastically busy all day. After work I was invited to go over to my tutor kids’ house early to watch Astro boy after I told them I haven’t seen it since I was 6. It comes on right before I tutor them. So we watched Astro Boy in Chinese and they translated for me.

I spent a few hours at Eslite (24 hour book store) picking up some materials for a big secret project I’m working on for my family, since I can’t make it to the reunion this summer.

When I got home Meg had a present in the form of a photography subject that she couldn’t even talk about without squealing in terror. I was told to “look under the pink bag near the kitchen”. It wasn’t as bad as what I thought it would be. I should’ve known because of what a big wimp she is.

She stood behind me while I photographed it jumping if I made the slightest move and squealing with an umbrella pointed in my direction so I wouldn’t try and throw it on her. This was brought on by me chasing her around the apartment with it. I screamed a few times just to make her freak out. I really need to set up a video camera secretly setup sometime.

I took 88 pictures. 32 of which I’m in love with but I’d like to slim it down to 15 or so before I post. They should be up in a couple of days 🙂

Thanks to those of you who keep up with me and have your ears open when I need them. “Even so far away I can still feel you”.

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