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Yingge pottery making

Han has been bringing up “pottery making” for awhile and finally last month we went. Meg, Han and I hopped a train and went to Yingge (also Yinge, and Yingko… sounds like Ing-Ah) township within Taipei County.

Yingge is a sweet day trip even if you don’t feel like getting your hands dirty and making some pottery. There are dozens and dozens of little shops selling beautiful pottery and all kinds of cultural goods.

There weren’t really that many places to eat. There were a few little stands and the restaurant we ate at. There were signs with pictures pointing to the restaurant. One of the perks of the meals is different areas of the menu entitled you to different pieces of free pottery. We made off with some nice plates and couple of cups.

Having a local boyfriend helps. There were plenty of shops clearly advertising pottery making (anywhere from 100 – 200 NT) but we found a quaint place in a back alley run by a man and his children. We spent hours getting our hands dirty, purposely making misshapen things and starting from scratch.

When we finished we paid our 200NT and they took our mailing address. About 4 weeks later our pieces were couriered to our door. Cooked, and painted! This was all included in the 200NT (7$ CND!) And they’re beautiful.

It was a lot of fun and we’ll be back.

If you’re in Taipei or coming go to the Taipei train station and hop a train to Yingge (sounds like Ing-ah)

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  1. Alexandra

    aww your boyfriend is such a cutie. haha im starting from the begining of your blog and reading the whole thing its really interesting

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