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People who seriously rock my world Pt.2 – Raf the friend and designer

Well awhile back after I tore down all the coding I’d done for my asp based page and moved to using all this premade stuff like blogger and minigal I started whining about the design of my page.

I love to code. I’m totally a geek…. but design. Ugh it’s painful. I’m so fussy and I’m not a good enough designer to accommodate my own fussiness. So Rafael picked up my cry for help left on my website at one point (see excessive whining… I can’t believe the results I get with my whining). He asked me what I wanted. I said “Something sexy, simple, and functional”. Then like a week later he pops out this current design based on a recent picture I’d taken. Just like that. 3 words and he gives me a design I’m drooling over. That’s impressive. He even picked up on my current obsession with oranges and implemented it nicely.

Anyway after that he’s put up with my fussiness and given me endless patience about all the little changes I wanted made here or there. Things taken out, things put in. And I have to say he’s done a pretty good job. Don’t you think????

All of the blood, sweat and tears (ok maybe I’m being dramatic) that went into this site were just a labour of friendship. That’s right. I got this design free. Now how awesome is he?

Rafael was my travel buddy in Thailand and is now living as a volunteer in Thailand working for the Tsunami Volunteer Center. He’s helping to build and repair houses for displaced Tsunami victims and other people in need. He’s currently doing this without any financial funding from any organization so all of his expenses (like food and lodging) are coming out of his own pocket. If you’d like to do something really nice send Rafael a donation to support him in his volunteer work. He’s also started writing a blog about his volunteer work which is updated when his net connection isn’t being dodgy.

Thanks Rafael! You seriously rock!

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