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People who seriously rock my world Pt.1 – Meg the friend and roommate

Ok I have some big ass-kissery to do to a couple of people who rock my world, severely!

I like to act tough, probably tougher than I am most of the time… but what happens behind closed doors… I am a big baby when I have the flu. Only a few “fortunate” individuals get to see this. Like family, or roommates. I never had roommates before Taiwan so this is all new for me.

Taiwan has been giving my immune system a run for its money. Between having to deal with dozens and dozens of snotty nosed little germ machines on a daily basis and crazy weather shifts I’ve been taking a beating.

Come on Taiwan, let’s have a talk. What’s the problem? I understand the weather changes, but what is with going from like 13 degrees and raining to like 30 degrees and sunny and then rainy and in the teens again all in the same week? How is my body supposed to deal with that????? I thought the weather in my little hometown port city was insane. It has nothing on Taipei lately.

Anyway… I only whine and complain to those nearest and dearest to me. Sunday night in the middle of the night… or I guess very early Monday morning Meg and I were up in our loft. I was whining about how sick I was and how I want soup (insert a bunch of whining and “poor me”s here) “my mom makes the best chicken with rice soup”… “make me soup Meg”… “Meeeeeeeeg make me soooooooup” (which I said jokingly since it was like 2am)… anyway the nutcase disappears…. Meanwhile I call home to mom on Skype to whine about how sick I am and to hear her voice. About 20 minutes later Meg appears with a steaming bowl of homemade soup.

I’m not trying to promote whining, but wow. I told her “I wasn’t serious you know!!” and she just shrugged and walked away 🙂

Now I’m not a vegitarian. It doesn’t mean that I don’t love the little animals, I’m just slightly in love with meat. I eat a very small fraction of the meat I ate in Canada… usually tuna every week and chicken here and there… but still not near vegitarian. But this soup!!! ohhhh this soup. Mom, you have some competition. Big hunks of ginger, onion, tomatoes, noodles, bay leaves, some kind of mystical vegitarian organic soup stock, and some mystery spices. I give it 1000 stars out of 100 and then like 1800 stars out of 100 after it sat for a day and all the flavours mixed together even more. Even though I’m heterosexual, shortly after tasting the soup I proposed marriage to Meg. She turned me down with a humble “no thanks”.

I’m eating it as I write this. I think I’m drooling on my keyboard.

Do my friends rock or what?

ps – I have to say ginger is fantastic, anytime I’m sick at all now I get the big lecture from mom about putting ginger in tea or ginger in ginger ale 🙂 (like 50 million times). She is the ginger spokesperson now. I don’t know what the ginger people are paying her, but it must be good, because she’s seriously pushing the ginger. My own mother, a ginger pusher. The pain a daughter must endure in her lifetime. I must admit Ginger is good. Nature’s anti-nauseant. If she didn’t read this site I would tell you that I was going to secretly tape-record the ginger lecture for your enjoyment but my chances of not getting caught are waaaaay to slim.

So few people realize how absolutely hilarious and adorable my mom is. I wish I could share with the world. 99.9% of the time she has no idea she’s doing it, that’s what makes it even better.

pss- Rafael you’re next.

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