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Only in Asia: potato chip flavours. TGI Friday’s Caesar Salad

I think a country’s potato chip flavour selection says a lot about it. Personally I’d kick a puppy if I could have just one bag of Miss Vicker’s Jalapeño or Ruffles Sour Cream and Bacon. Oh wait, it’s Amanda who kicks puppies… not me. Ok well I’d get Amanda to kick a puppy for a bag of either of those.

In Taiwan I’ve seen some crazy flavours and I’ve decided I need to start documenting them. From Cucumber to Seaweed.

I never thought I’d think anything could have a “strong cucumber flavour” … not even cucumber, but somehow Lays accomplished it. They actually tasted more like cucumber skins than cucumber I think.

Anyway, I don’t have a picture of them but I DO have a picture of TGI Friday’s Caesar Salad flavour Lays. That’s right, not just plain ol boring caesar salad flavoured chips (that’s a joke) but TGI FRIDAY’S CAESAR SALAD!!!! I have a really great mental image in my head about how they taste tested the results…bite of chip, bite of salad, bite of chip, bite of salad…. hmmmm it’s good, but I’m just not sure if its ‘TGI Friday’ good.

If I was to explain how they tasted….I’d say they taste like Sour Cream with the taste of those big fat fluffy onion ring chips they used to have when I was in a kid. Not sour cream and onion, but sour cream and onion ring.

And now here is the clever part. When you buy TGI Friday’s Caesar Salad potato chips you also get a coupon for a *real* TGI Friday’s Caesar Salad. Why you would want to though when you can have a bag of little crispy greasy salad chips is beyond me.

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