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Thailand: sand ball rolling crabs

Let’s call them that for lack of a better term. I’ve tried to search the net using a variety of queries but having the keyword “ball” in there seems to bring up “other kinds” of results. Actually even more detailed queries including the words “sand” “balls” and “Thailand” still returned some interesting results. Ahhh amateur erotica. Moving on…

The beach near our resort was a “rock” beach but it was pretty cool because of the amount of shells and natural sea critters around.

One of the things we noticed immediately where these strange formations in the sand. Almost like sand crop circles!

They were everywhere and as we went to the beach at different times of the day the patterns seemed to grow and become more extreme. Most of the balls were teeny weeny little balls perfectly shaped. About half the size of a pea. in the middle of any pattern would be a small hole in the sand and a clear straight line through the patterns from it.

In some areas there were really bigger misshapen sand balls, really shoddy work. Near these were bigger holes in the sand.

Once I stood still for a bit I saw the whole thing come to life and all the crabs that I’d scared into their holes came out and started creeping around the designs.

The bigger the crab, the bigger the sand balls, and the more shoddy.

I amused myself for awhile by standing really super still and then making an exaggerated jerking motion just to watch them scurry back into their holes at lightning speed. I like to toy with nature.

And I have the video to prove it!

Can you let me know whether or not this video will play for you and what browser you’re using? I’m still figuring out this streaming video stuff. Secondly, if anyone knows the actual scientific name for these little sand ball rolling guys I’d love to know. I’m sure I’ve seen a National Geographic documentary on them before.

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