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Only in Asia: contact lens case

I have a confession. I’m a sucker for packaging. I’ve always been. The whole don’t judge a book by it’s cover thing…(sigh)… it doesn’t work for me. I’ve actually bought books I knew I would hate just because I wanted to own the cover. That’s why even though I pirate music from my favourite artists I still go out and buy their albums. I want the whole thing, the whole package.

If it’s cute, or funky, or doesn’t make sense, or looks like no one else will have it… I want it! I *must* own it. I think I own at least 100 diaries that I’ve bought by now just because I was mesmerized by the covers and/or the paper inside. Do they have writing in them? possibly… do they have diary entries in them? ha!

As you can imagine, Asia is paradise for me. I am definitely doing better with my shopoholicism but put me in the wrong store and I’m a maniac.

“The green store” down the road is just such a place. I went in to buy a mattress and came out with a mattress, some funky pens, a contact lens case, a makeup sorting box, and some bookmarks. I nearly grabbed a funky pin from the cashier counter but here is where I showed restraint…. until a few weeks later when I went back to buy some conditioner and came out with conditioner, more pens, and the pin I’d eyed the first time.

Anyway I thought I would share the contact lens kit I bought. It was a very very very tough decision. I was faced with a wall full of contact lens cases. Not that I really needed any of them, but I wanted at least 4 or 5 of them badly. I finally narrowed it down to two. This one and the one with skulls and crossbones all over. I decided that this one was actually the more unique of the two.

This is the cover, on the front is a spring loaded door. Why does it say “I love milk”? Why not?! Why is it blue and sparkly? because! This is Asia, and in Asia… things must be cute. It is the law of the land.

Inside it contains the contact lens case (of course) which reminds me again about my love of milk. Even if it does make my tummy hurt. The other things you see inside are a pair of tweezers (I assume for taking your contact lenses out of the contact lens case and unto your finger which I just normally use to scoop them out anyway? I don’t get it. But again. I’m in Asia. I guess one of the things that annoys Taiwanese about ex-pats is our lack of “common sense”. I’m guessing this is “Taiwanese common sense”. It is my goal to learn more about this. It amuses me. I’ve always considered myself someone with a strong sense of common sense but I find here I lack it somehow. I feel like a bit of a dummy quite frequently.

The two white tube-y thingies are I guess for contact solution but I have found no way humanly possible to fill them that doesn’t involve spilling 10x the amount of saline they would hold onto the floor. Again, this may be a common sense issue.

I get the feeling that if I was an enterprising young girl I could sell some of this stuff I’m finding on eBay for four or five times what I’m paying. The question is, why am I so lazy?

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  1. DarkRainbow

    Please tell me where you got that! It's SOOO cool!

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