My Photography: Xianjiyan

I’ve posted a new album in my “photography as a voice” gallery. I debated for a good while whether it should go in this album or whether it belongs in the “Taiwan” album. The whole intent of the evening was creative and explorational. Based on that and the results I think the photos ended up where they belong.

Saturday night (Feb 25th) Meg and I packed up our tripods, cameras, a couple of sandwiches, and tea… well we forgot the tea… and headed to Jingmei. We used to live in Jingmei in a tall highrise on the 9th floor (a very cool place to experience big earthquakes). We had big picture windows in the apartment that faced the Xianjiyan mountain…. I’m not sure if that’s the name of the mountain or just the temple on top of it. At night the whole temple is lit up… you can see the red lanterns glowing. We always intended to find a way up that mountain but never got to it.

Well Saturday we felt very motivated. And these pictures are the results. Can I mention how much I love Meg? Not only did she wait for me as I stopped every 2 feet to take 15 pictures of some random thing that interested me but we also sat on top of the mountain, in the middle of the night, on a big rock at the highest point….. staring down at the city below….. eating our sandwiches. Not having to say anything but being perfectly content. I feel a little sorry for people who can’t enjoy those kinds of experiences… people who only feel stimulated by corporate subsidized entertainment. bright lights, loud noises, party party party. That’s all good, but it’s not enough.

I’m a very lucky girl to have a friend who understands this stuff. I’d give anything to spend an evening with mom in the car with a Tim Horton’s coffee…. staring at the ocean… talking about everything and nothing but you know what? Sitting on top of the world in Asia with a friend and a sandwich is pretty good substitute.

mr. toad door green gorging little seed the guardians carved words deity elevated words cement lantern lights of rememberance mr. toad and the pathway

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