My Photography: Thailand

I’ve posted the best of my Thailand photos from an artistic perspective. I still have more stories to share and related pictures but these are the pieces that I consider “photographs”…. not snapshots.

Please feel free to leave your comments!

buddha.jpg the sisters.jpg downtown Khao Lak.jpg temple_2.jpg statue at our resort.jpg headless guy.jpg can you see_me.jpg little shrine.jpg liquid glass.jpg Phangnga.jpg Thailand is worth going to just for the food.jpg dead beetle.jpg crabs eye view of the sand balls.jpg Khao Lak_2.jpg piyo, my girl.jpg water falls.jpg temple.jpg temple grounds.jpg buddha_5.jpg buddha_2.jpg dead beetle_2.jpg buddha through a window.jpg buddhas with reclining buddha.jpg Khao Lak.jpg dragons.jpg buddha_3.jpg Elephant.jpg buddha from behind.jpg dead beetle_3.jpg crabs eye view.jpg raf says goodbye.jpg windsheild and Khao Lak.jpg welcome to khao lak.jpg buddha_4.jpg temple grounds_2.jpg

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