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deep fried mushrooms and octopus balls!

I’ve been wondering where on earth everyone in Taipei is this week. I found them. The entire population of the city seems to be hiding in Danshui.

It’s been so strange being in Taipei this week. There’s no one anywhere. If you walk around you see other foreigners… barely any Taiwanese. And nothing is open anywhere except 7/11s.

I wanted to go up to Danshui. Danshui is this market area on a wharf. Really pretty sunsets, lots of great food, fun little shops. We headed there not expecting anything to be open except maybe a store or two. We started suspecting maybe Danshui was alive on the MRT. We were packed like sardines. When we got to Danshui…… holy!!!!! I don’t think the pictures give you any idea whatsoever of the crowd.

The crowds were more what I was expecting of Asia from my ignorant North American knowledge. You know in every movie shot in Japan or China they show these insane bustly crowds, everyone crammed together walking in every direction. Just like that. A sea of black hair (except for the guy we saw with pink hair).

Becky getting some tofu stuff

It was actually exciting. It felt good to be in such a crowd, especially when it’s a happy on vacation crowd. Being with Becky made it even more fun. Becky is a spunky, lively, giggly, happy 20-year old. And Becky speaks a lot of Mandarin! I’m jealous.

everyone is so happy

We spent the whole day slowly moving with the crowd and stuffing our faces. The Taiwanese deep fry everything and I mean EVERYTHING. One of my absolute favourite things are the deep fried mushrooms. It sounds insane but they are sooooooooo good. Mmmmm salty goodness.

Becky enjoying a shroom. Yes she was posing 🙂

My other favourite thing is a Japanese import. Battered deep-fried octopus formed into balls, covered in a white sauce and a wasabi sauce with dried fish flakes? sprinkled on top. You haven’t had octopus until you’ve had these.

pre-deep frying octopus preparation

yummy yummy yummy octopus in my tummy

Unfortunately we had some Saint John-esq weather going on, actually kind of the opposite… It was perfectly beautiful in the city, but once we got out to Danshui it was foggy and cold. We hid in an overpriced cafe for awhile to warm up.

And then more food. We had the “Lanb wrap” mmmmmmmmm lanb.

naan bread preparation

Heading back was just as nuts. I don’t know how the MRT could move with the amount of people in each car.

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