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We (English speakers) do it too!

For a long time one of my favourite sites has been Engrish.com. The site pokes fun at the misuse of English in Asian countries. It’s really “cool” to have English on things (clothing, bags, stationary, advertisements, etc) but the time or money isn’t always invested into doing it right. The results are hilarious.

Michelle and I have always mused about whether we’re just as guilty. We all know people who’ve had chinese characters tattooed on them, and many of us (myself included) buy random stuff like candle holders, various pieces of art, even bedding with characters all over.

Now there is a website making fun of all of the misuse of the asian characters by us. It focuses specifically mostly on tatoos, it’s really great. Check it out here: http://www.hanzismatter.com/

I have actually been told by a Taiwanese guy I met recently that there are some tattoo artists in Taiwan who are malicious enough to put really really bad characters on people (on purpose). Some tattoo shops actually have picture boards boasting the awful things they’ve tattooed on people. Guess there are jerks everywhere.

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