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Mission: Chinese New Year

Week One

Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Dates: now – February 6th
Accomplice: Meghan

  • take at least 10 rolls of film
  • see Guandu temple again
  • find the teabaths in Xindian
  • visit the tea houses on the mountain in Muzha
  • find a way to climb the mountain in Jingmei that has the temple at the top (used to have a view of this from our old apartment)
  • go to the hotsprings in Beitou
  • go to hotpot with Taiwan mom and dad (Hal and Jane)
  • beat Meg at chess again over a bottle of wine
  • go roaming around the backstreets and little alleys for some crazy pictures
  • going scavenging for random stuff
  • buy a sassy outfit and go out to a nice club to dance my booty off
  • get caught up on responding to e-mails
  • start work on my first short stop-motion animation films

personal goals:

  • not care if people stare at me weirdly as I setup cool shots to take or if I’m engrossed in taking a picture
  • get up in the mornings (ie not sleeping in until noon, or past noon)
  • feel absolutely satisfied with how little, or how much I got done at the end of each day.

Week Two

Location: Bangkok and Phuket, Thailand
Dates: February 6th – February 12th


  • cool city shots
  • a cool restaurant
  • not getting too lost


  • taking at least 20 rolls of film 🙂
  • swimming
  • sleeping on a beach
  • swimming
  • riding an elephant
  • swimming
  • sleeping on a beach
  • go to a temple with a reclining buddha
  • swimming
  • sleeping on a beach
  • buy some cool jewelry
  • swimming
  • sleeping on a beach
  • get lost
  • swimming
  • sleeping on a beach
  • Thai massage (specifically by a blind massuse, I guess this is a specialty in Thailand)
  • swimming
  • sleeping on a beach
  • kayaking and or canoeing
  • swimming
  • sleeping on a beach
  • boat tour of the cool nearby islands
  • swimming
  • sleeping on a beach
  • and eat lots and lots of yummy food

This is all really exciting for me because this will be my first vacation in Asia, and my first time in a country outside of Taiwan in Asia. Hopefully the first of many trips to come.

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