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things I miss the most from home (ie Canada)

In no particular order…

  • Tuesday night date nights with mom to watch Amazing Race
  • Mom’s homemade chicken with rice soup
  • whistle talk with da
  • lunchtime with Tammy (with frequent trips to the Walmart to buy stuff I don’t need)
  • sitting for hours and hours with mom and an extra large Tim’s
    coffee at Saint’s Rest beach (sometimes with a kite… how cute are we?)
  • weekend getaways with mom to St. Andrew’s
  • being able to call Marilee a big wimp to her face (MSN just isn’t Tim Horton’s coffee specifically, or how about just coffee that doesn’t come in the powdered 3-in-1 variety. yuck!
  • Wednesday Appetizer night at Mexi’s with the nightshift team 🙂 (mmmm margaritas)
  • beer & mario kart 64 at Joe & Jaim’s
  • love from poopnose & chaos
  • making plans to watch “the English Patient” for the first time
    (that never pan out) with Jess 🙂
  • shopping with Jess
  • seeing Jess’s awesome clothing purchases
  • Amanda’s AMAZING kraft dinner
  • Amanda’s smile & laugh (even though they are now located in
  • Jaime’s endless compliments about how good I look
  • watching boxing & drinking beer with the Joe
  • Evolve with Jess & Amanda
  • weekend trips to Halifax to visit Brenda
  • making up songs about grocery stores with Brenda
  • talking about exciting world events, and about travel with Jess
  • Joe ordering Mcmeow
  • Rooooooooaaaaaaaaadddddddtrrrrriiiiiiip
  • halloween parties
  • hearing Patisms live
  • complaining about stuff with Kiko
  • potato chips that have flavours aside from seaweed & shrimp
  • hair conditioner that works
  • not being around girls with an average body weight of 100lbs
  • indoor heating
  • being 100% certain the food I’m ordering doesn’t have animal
    intestines in it (excluding hotdogs & sausages)

I think that’s all I have at the moment.

The point of this is to let you guys know I miss and love you a lot…. and that I miss reese peanutbutter cups and good coffee.

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