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lack of updates = smitten

Well incase anyone hasn’t heard…. part of the reason I haven’t been so great about updating the site is because I’ve met a boy……. and it’s turned into a relationship.

After over 3 years of being single, being infatuated with someone…. especially with someone who’s infatuated back… and someone I have soooooo much fun with is fantastic.

Anyway, I’m blushing now so I’ll stop. We spent Sunday at Taipei zoo.

Luckily for you my camera batteries died or else I would have an excessive amount of stupid animal pictures. Instead I’ll just treat you to these:

The really really exciting discovery in the zoo (aside from the fact that a Taiwanese guy with a White girl attracts more attention than most of the animal exhibits) is that there actually exists a creature that is a rat the size of a dog. I always joked around with Michelle that I wanted one. They’re called a “Coypu”. My batteries died before I could get a snap but check it out. Taipei zoo had white ones though. Much cooler. Craziness!

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