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Ma, nevermind turkey! Pass those intestines (a.k.a Christmas Day in Taiwan)

Well…. as if my Christmas Eve wasn’t gastronomically adventurous enough. I got up in the afternoon and met my sweet sweet sweet former Taiwanese co-teacher Rita for some hardcore shopping.

We headed to “Wu fen pu” …… it’s this little shopping district outside of Taipei city where there’s tons and tons and tons of stalls and shops with wholesale clothing.

Now for hardcore shopping you must properly fuel yourself. And I am proud to say I have been fully screetched into Taiwan now. I had pig intestines (pig bowels if you want to be technical) for lunch.

Surprisingly, it was ok. Fear Factor here I come!!!!

I mean if you can get past the look, and texture, and the idea of what it is…. it’s ok. I think I got a shot of it but unfortunately my digital was dead so it’ll be on film.

After hours and hours and hours and hours of shopping (I got some great stuff!) we headed back to Taipei.

I spent the evening with Meg at “Taiwan mom & dad”‘s place (Hal and Jane) for pizza & beer!!!! mmmm Christmas dinner.

I have intestines *in* my intestines.

I think it’s time for sleep.

Happy ho ho everyone.

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