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Christmas Eve Day

I spent Christmas Eve with my ex-roommate Meg. We had a late brunch at this really great little Vietnamese restaurant. I’ve been wanting to try Vietnamese forever. What better day than Christmas Eve. So I get the curried chicken soup….. mmm curry…. and after awhile Meg looks at me raises her eyebrow.

Meg: “So what do you think of the ducks blood?”
Me: “*looking down into my bowl* mmmm is that the brown jelly chunks?”
Meg: “*grin* yep”
Me: “……………… so is it…… like tofu saturated with duck’s blood or …… coagulated duck’s blood?”
Meg: “I think the second thing you just said”

mmmmm duck’s blood.

Next we went shopping for stocking stuffers. Stockings are really the only part of Christmas I like whatsoever… aside from seeing someone get freaked out about something I bought them. So I decided with my roommate (Jess) that we were doing stockings. I found all kinds of fantastic goodies (including a mermaid shoe horn …. oooo ahhh) and then Meg and I decided to hit our old neighbourhood. Meg was one of my original roommates the first time I lived in Taiwan.

So we had cake and coffee at the 3C.

It was as good as it looks.

Afterwards we hit the good ol Jingmei night market and I boug ht my absolute favorite “engrish” shirt to date:

I also bought a sassy punky sporty weird top set (should take a picture) with some Japanese on it. Hopefully it’s just really bad Japanese (like the other shirt has
really bad English) and hopefully it doesn’t say “death to Japan”…. hopefully it’s more like “Japanese guys are cute” or “Japanese rock star”

Meg and I had both been invited to about 4 or 5 different Christmas Eve bashes. Personally I really didn’t feel like drinking my face off for Christmas Eve. While debating what to do for the evening Meg and I played some chess….

Unfortunately we also polished off a bottle of wine and some extremely strong vodka/bailey’s drinks.

We saluted Popo Caviar a great many times (may his soul rest in peace). I ended up passing out on the couch with a cat on my crotch.

All and all a fantastic Christmas Eve I think.

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