NSFM – Not safe for Michelle

catherine daigle

My big sister has an ocean related phobia or two so I rate this video as NSFM. The Osaka Kaiyukan Aquarium blew me away. I’d live there if they let me. Definitely worth seeing if you have time in Osaka.

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I’ve migrated catherinedaigle.com to wordpress and as a result it is no longer writing to the rss.xml file. If you are currently subscribed using this file (ie you are getting this update) please update your feed to http://www.catherinedaigle.com/feed/ or by … Continue reading

Butcher Knife Massage

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I hadn’t seen this in person and saw it for the first time on TV where Japanese people come to Taiwan as toursists. Since the show I’ve noticed it more and more. Here is a video clip from the tent … Continue reading

Life is unending change…

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Change. My goal for the “new year”, which for a teacher happens after summer, was to minimize. Simplify. Once again my life seemed to be revolving around work. Not to escape any personal issues like I may have done in … Continue reading

Mongolian performance in Ulaanbaatar

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My biggest regret of my trans-siberian trip was this performance. Our friend in Mongolia took us to see this traditional performance hours before our train to Russia was set to depart. She said normally camera fees are 5$ and video … Continue reading